The Water Way (Audio course)

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Very interesting course. Lots to think about and journal with. - Ann from the UK


Learn how to release fear, striving and struggle and cultivate unshakeable trust and wisdom to live a life of freedom and flow. Water is an essential element of life. It sustains us, cleanses us, and nourishes us. But beyond its physical properties, water has long been recognized as a powerful metaphor for life and the human experience. Water represents the ideal way of being.

Water does not resist or struggle against obstacles but instead flows around them. Water is adaptable, able to take on different forms depending on its environment. To be like water means to be flexible, to go with the flow, and to accept what is. This course will provide you with practical tools and tips that I’ve used to find my Water Way, and I hope this will help you find yours too.

Lesson 1

Your Relationship With Water

Clarify your intentions and reflection your relationship with the Water Element before you embark on your journey to explore the many qualities of water and the wisdom to live life The Water Way.

Lesson 2

WuWei And The Flow State

Learn about two concepts that are often seen as related to the Water Way, WuWei and the Flow State, why they are important and reflect on your past experiences of being in flow.

Lesson 3

A Small But Powerful Shift: Doing To Allowing

Learn how making the small but powerful shift from doing to allowing can help you release the ego and embody the Water Way to welcome a life with less stress, striving and struggle.

Lesson 4

The Path Of Least Resistance

Learn about the concept of the Path of Least Resistance, what it is, how it affects you and impacts the decisions you make and your destiny, and how you can make lasting change and transformation in your life.

Lesson 5

Softening Your Grip

Learn why it is so difficult for us to 'just let go', and explore the alternative approach of 'softening your grip' and affirmations to empower you to live a life of flow and ease.

Lesson 6

Rhythm & Rushing

Learn about the importance of understanding your internal rhythm, your relationship with it and the drawbacks of rushing from the wisdom of the Dao De Jing by Lao Tzu.

Lesson 7

Washing Away Regrets

Learn how regret is related to the Metal Element in the Creative cycle, and explore the cleansing and purifying properties of the Water Element through a cleansing ritual.

Lesson 8

Matching The Speed And Rhythm Of Life

Learn why it's important to match the speed and rhythm of life through the metaphor of rowing. Rowers who work against the water will be interrupted and ineffective, but those who understand and work with the water will move effortlessly and quickly through it.

Lesson 9

Stillness & Trust: Meditation To Return To Your Ocean Nature

In this lesson, water represents the importance of stillness and reflection. When we are still and quiet, we can reflect on our thoughts and emotions. Release the ego, and cultivate unshakeable trust by returning to your true Ocean Nature through a Water Element Meditation.

Lesson 10

Change As The Path To Sameness

Uncover Water's wisdom through a conversation between two Greek philosophers, Plato and Heraclitus about a river, and how change can be your path to sameness.

Lesson 11

The Droplet: Returning To The Ocean

Like separate streams and currents that meet and merge, I am so thankful that our paths have intertwined in the great river of life itself. Before we conclude this journey, I wanted to share with you the gift I received from the Source, the short story, 'The Droplet'.

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The Water Way (Audio course)

0 ratings
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