5-in 1 Creative Cycle Action-taking Bundle to Beat Procrastination

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Wenlin I feel like I have wings at this moment. So grateful for you. You have touched me and helped motivate me. I have been so stuck and now taking action. Thank you

- Lorette from USA


Break free from procrastination and avoidance, and master inspired action through the Power of the Creative cycle and accountability. You'll be guided to take inspired yet imperfect action on a personal project you've been putting off.

This bundle includes:

  1. Lifelong access to all 7 live video recordings from the upcoming Power of the Creative Cycle Inspired Action-taking challenge (This challenge runs multiple times yearly, each time this runs you'll get the latest recordings)
  2. The audio course Procrastination To Inspired Action: Power Of Creative Cycle Challenge
  3. Beat Procrastination & Take Action With Tuesday Tribe 45 min guided audio process
  4. Weekly insights from the Creative Cycle and the Five Elements and reminders with the link to join live (via email) &
  5. Email support to answer your questions throughout


Overview of the audio course Procrastination To Inspired Action: Power Of Creative Cycle Challenge

Lesson 1

Begin Your Challenge

Discover what the Creative Cycle is, the origins of this inspired action-taking challenge and how this challenge will help you beat procrastination and step into your creative power. Reflect on your intention before starting your challenge.

Lesson 2

3 Insights To Fuel You

Learn how this challenge works and three powerful insights that will help you keep going when you hit a block during your inspired action-taking challenge.

Lesson 3

Water: Uninspired To Overflowing With Ideas

Began your challenge and journey through the Creative Cycle starting with the Water Element and the phase of ideation. You'll be guided to decide on your micro-project or MVP for this challenge through a short free writing perspective shift exercise.

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Lesson 4

Wood: Overwhelm & Stress To Clarity

Continue your journey through the Creative Cycle with the Wood Element and the phase of visioning. You'll clarify your first next step for your micro-project for your challenge.

Lesson 5

Fire: Igniting Effortless Execution

Dive into the Fire phase of taking action through a three-step process to help you access the pure power of effortless execution and focused flow for 20 minutes.

Lesson 6

Earth: Appreciation & Self-Validation

In our outcomes-focused world, many of us have become used to seeking external validation to cultivate a sense of worthiness. Today’s lesson is to harness the power of the Earth element through engaging in the practice of self-validation through positive affirmations.

Lesson 7

Metal: Review & Refining

Learn how to alchemize and harness the power of your inner critic through a meditation for you to connect with all five layers of your being, followed by a short reflection session where we will ask your inner critic for their help to objectively and constructively review and refine what you’ve worked on so far.

Lesson 8

Two Choices And Two Concepts

This challenge has now come to an end. You now have two choices- move on to something else or loop back to the beginning of this course, and repeat this entire process for your micro-project. Before making your decision, explore two concepts that are important for your continued growth toward realizing your dreams.

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5-in 1 Creative Cycle Action-taking Bundle to Beat Procrastination

5 ratings
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