Overwhelm To Ease: Powerful Energy & Time Management Hacks (Audio course)

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This has been one of the best and most helpful courses to me. I have been overwhelmed for so long with what I feel like I need to get done every day. I am trying to learn to take the time to rest and enjoy myself and not be too hard on myself for doing so. Each lesson was useful in its own way and this course has and will continue to help me to remember to make time for the ‘good stuff’ because otherwise what’s it all for? Thank you for this course. - Robin from USA


Overwhelm is a common phenomenon that many of us struggle with, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, creative, or changemaker. This course will help dissolve and overcome overwhelm, and arrive feeling calm, focused and energized.

This course will equip you with practical and easy-to-follow tools to empower you to grow your career while feeling balanced and well-rested. This course includes these lessons:

Lesson 1

Hitting the Safety Button: Your Heart Protector

Learn a simple but powerful technique to help you hit pause so you can create safety from the overwhelm and improve your focus, clarity so you can make the right decision moving forward.

Lesson 2

The 5 Types of Overwhelm

Understand what overwhelm is, the symptoms of overwhelm, the five types of overwhelm, and the main type of overwhelm that you’re affected by.

Lesson 3

Overcoming Mental Overwhelm

Learn how to organise your thoughts when mental overwhelm takes over and how to effectively prioritize your tasks.

Lesson 4

Meditation and Visualization for Confidence & Creativity

In this lesson, we will practice breathing and visualization meditation to empower you to transition from a flustered state into a state of calm, creative focus.

Lesson 5

High Leverage activities

In this lesson, we will learn how to work smarter, not harder by retraining our brains to focus on high-leverage tasks, that will save us time and energy.

Lesson 6

Realigning to Do, Be Have

Learn how to create short-term and long-term goals aligned to your specific needs and desires to empower you to reach your goals in your career and personal life faster.

Lesson 7

Meeting Resistance

Be guided through an affirmations and tapping practice to empower you to take inspired action against any resistance you're facing from self-limiting beliefs.

Lesson 8

Less is More: Minimum Effective Dose

Learn what the Minimum Effective Dose is and how you apply this to your current situation so you can do less while achieving more.

Lesson 9

Stopping Energy Leaks

Learn what an energy leak is, why it’s important to identify your energy leaks, and how regain energy by stopping energy leaks.

Lesson 10

Embracing Ease

Learn what Ease is, how to welcome Ease and how to let go of feelings of guilt and self-limiting beliefs to welcome ease, flow and simplicity in your life.

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10 Audio lessons and guided meditations and exercises to help you overcome overwhelm, save time, replenish your energy and welcome ease.

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Overwhelm To Ease: Powerful Energy & Time Management Hacks (Audio course)

2 ratings
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